Foreign market

We develop a large foreign market in more than 30 countries with our care and excellence in methods, the latest technology and the quality of our raw materials.

Our products


Instant Powdered Whole Milk 400 and 800 g

Instant Powdered Skimmed Milk 400 and 800 g

Instant Powdered Whole Milk 25 kg

Long-life Partially Skimmed Milk 1 lt

Long-life Whole Milk 1 lt

Long-life Lactose-reduced Milk 1 lt

Dulce de leche

Classic Dulce de Leche (Milk Jam) 200, 400 g and 1 kg

Grated cheese

Grated Reggianito Cheese 40 and 120 g


Mozzarella Cheese

Reggianito Cheese

Dulce de Leche

Clásico 200 grs.

Clásico 400 grs.

Clásico 1 kg.


Clásica Entera y
Descremada 1 lt.

Especial reducida
en Lactosa 1 lt.

En polvo Entera y
Descremada 800 grs.,
400grs., 5 grs.


120 grs., 40 grs.

Pasta semidura
6,8 kg., 3,8 kg.

Pasta dura
6,8 kg., 3,8 kg.